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Types of Readers That Get On Your Nerves

Hey…So it’s been a good while since I last updated this blog. I hope you all haven’t abandoned me, school and other personal stuff kept me away from here. But I’m back, hopefully, and I have a lot of reviews and a new series coming up! But for now, I wanted to update my ‘Types of’ series, with a list of the types of readers that get on your nerves.

Readers are great, and they deserve kudos for having the strength to deal with the struggle that books put us through. It’s nothing to snort at, being a reader is hard. But what’s even harder is dealing with the readers that I will touch upon in this blog post.

The Snooty Reader

These readers like to stick to books they think have more literary merit; classics, textbooks, Hemingway, you know the type I’m talking about. This is fine, nothing wrong with that. What IS wrong is when this type of reader makes you feel bad about what you’re reading, or shoves their own preferences down your throat.

For example, I love YA. It’s my favorite genre, and I think it’s amazing. If someone came up to me and began ragging on YA, telling me to read the classics, and trying to paint me as this poor child who doesn’t know any better, you know what you’ll get? A left hook to the jaw. Forcing your unsolicited opinion on someone or making someone feel bad because of what they read is NOT COOL, and these readers give other readers a bad name.

The snob


The Know-It-All Reader

This type of reader is the one that thinks that they know everything about every book in the history of ever. If you offer them a book recommendation, they’ll usually scoff and say that they already know what’s going to happen, whether they’ve read the book or not. Throne of Glass? Oh, the new Hunger Games. Leven Thumps? Oh, a Harry Potter clone.

To them, there’s no such thing as something original. No such thing as a new idea or a plot twist that will catch them off guard. Everything has been done, and nothing can reach the standards or go above the standards of the originals, whatever they may be. Mostly, I feel bad for these readers. There are so many amazing books out there, but because they don’t want to open their minds, they’re missing out on amazing original tales that could have changed their lives.

know it all 2

The Partial Reader

These are the readers that can never finish what they start. Doesn’t matter if it’s for school, for pleasure, or if they’re on a time limit, they have a bad habit of not finishing a book before moving onto a new bookish boo-thang.

This is so annoying, especially when you’ve spent time picking out something for them to read, only for them to get maybe halfway and then move on to another book. Sigh. The struggle is real for a bookworm.

Impatient Reader

The Physical Fighter

These are the readers that are loyal to physical books, and love to tell other people about the merits of having a physical book over ebooks. Physical books are amazing, I agree, but ebooks are also pretty tubular.

The problem comes when these readers begin ragging on people who prefer ebooks. The format of the book doesn’t determine if a person is a real reader or not. This shouldn’t need to be said, but apparently some people honestly think that a real reader needs to be completely physical, and ereaders are a sin against all reader-kind.


The Pristine Pearl

Alright, this is the last reader I’m gonna touch on. My fingers are getting tired. This reader is the person who likes to keep their books in pristine condition, and anyone who doesn’t is the literal scum of the EARTH and needs to be locked up for their crimes. Or burned at the stake. Or fed to the fearsome dragon, paperfury. Either one is a terrifying fate.

I really don’t understand this. As much as books hurt us, books are inanimate objects. They do not care what you do with them. Now I can understand if someone borrowed a book from you and bent it all out of shape, but if it’s THEIR book that THEY own, why do you need to have a heart attack over it? It makes no sense, but when has a reader ever made sense?

pristine pearl

Okie dokie, that’s all for now! If you know any of these readers or hey, if you have different types of readers that get on your nerves, let me know down in the comments! Small disclaimer, this isn’t meant to rag on anyone, or to make anyone feel bad, it’s all in jest.

Until next time,

Well-Read Rebel



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