So, this is the beginning of a new bookish series on this blog! This will be the ‘Types of’ series, where I will categorize different things people of the bookish variety may come into contact with. In this case, I will be talking about the unbookish people that the average reader may run into at any given time. I will, of course, be taking suggestions to give me some ideas of what you all would like to see posts about.

So now that the introduction is out of the way, let’s get started!

Types of Non-Readers:

The Bothersome Non-Reader:

This is the reader that not only doesn’t read but takes it upon themselves to annoy every single reader they come across. It doesn’t matter where, when, or how annoyed the reader gets; they just can’t take a hint.

They think they know best when it comes to things that can be done that are better than reading, and they will make sure you know their thoughts forwards and backward. They may even try to convert you into their world, though usually they fail, as readers are very stubborn and strong-willed. A perfect example of this type would be Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, with this famous line:


Ah, what a charmer. #allthesarcasm.

The Lying Non-Reader

This is the reader that even though they don’t read and have no intention of ever doing so, they think using classic novel titles such as ‘Moby Dick’ and ‘War and Peace’ will make them sound smart. They spout the supposed ideas of Hemingway, not even knowing that 1), Hemingway was a total sleazeball, and 2), no one cares.

Usually, the best thing to do when faced with this reader is either walk away and/or ignore them, or simply call them out on their crap. Nothing shuts down bravado quicker than being made a fool in front of the very people you want to impress. Maybe it will teach them some humility, though I honestly doubt it. Point out that they’re talking complete nonsense, and they should retreat pretty quickly.

Snobby Non-Readers

A lot of people may not think of this type of nonreader, basically because they do read somewhat. However, they refuse to read anything that hasn’t won a Pulitzer Prize or is of any genre outside of classics written by people who’ve been dead for at least a hundred years or more. To me, these are the saddest types of nonreaders. They have every opportunity to branch out and widen their horizons, but they repeatedly and deliberately refuse, thinking that most books are below them. I mean, on the bright side, that means there are more for the rest of us, am I right? Maybe they’ll come around as time goes on, though I severely doubt it.

Snobby Reader

And that’s all! I hope you all enjoyed this post, and I would love it if you would leave me a comment down below and let me know if you’ve ever encountered a nonreader, and what that experience was like!

‘Til next time,

Well-Read Rebel