So, this idea is from BrokeByBooks , and their list of 52 book blogging ideas. This is number 24, which was if a genie could grant you three bookish wishes, what would you ask for? So a huge thank you to BrokeByBooks for this amazing idea!

I think the first thing I would wish for is the library from Beauty and the Beast. I mean, come on! Have you seen that thing?! It is the definition of shelf goals, and I would happily stay in this castle for the rest of my days, just reading.

Beauty and the Beast Library.jpg

Aaah. I can just smell the knowledge from the picture. Gotta love the high-definition, folks! But all jokes aside, I would probably be constantly haunted by the fact that I would most likely not be able to finish every book before I died. I would want to be burned on a pyre of my favorite books, to be quite honest.

Okay, now for my second wish. My poor genie is probably worn out from conjuring that huge library, so I should probably make this one a bit easier on them. I don’t want to be cruel!

For my second wish, I would like a bookish pet. Maybe a mouse named Clover, who would read with me and climb along the stacks in the library, picking out books for me to read. I would feed him with cheese and let him sleep on the most comfortable book on my shelf. He would star in all of my bookstagram photos, and he’d be such a good model, I just know it. I would love him so much!

Film Title: The Tale of Despereaux

Alright, for my final wish, I would wish for the genie’s freedom. I know this is supposed to be bookish, but if Disney has taught me anything it’s that they long to be free. Bye, genie! Come back to visit! Bring back books when you do!

Goodbye Genie.jpg

And those are my three bookish wishes! Well, 2 and one moral wish. Anyway, tell me in the comments down below what three things you would wish for!

See you next time!